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BT Journals

The Happy Camper Lives!

The Happy Camper Lives!

by Basic Terrain

3 years ago

Thanks to Jared’s morning mission, we score TWO OF THE DOPEST SPOTS IN THE WHOLE CAMPGROUND!

With the Qulliayute River flowing on the other side of our campsite, we have plenty of space to stretch out and wander. Plenty of time to sit and wonder. Bliss.

I look up at the trees, close my eyes, take a long, deep breath, and smile. It’s been a long time since I had a breath like that. I can’t even recall when that was.

Shallow breathing had become my breath du jour. Long breaths seem to only come along when anxiety rears its ugly ass head.

But here I am, taking it all in, then letting it all out. Breathing without a nervy agenda. I didn’t have to remind myself to “Be Here Now.” I was already there.


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