WPA Posters

Under FDR's New Deal, the Works Progress Administration hired artists to create posters promoting everything from hygiene to travel.  ...

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Book Shelves and Coffee Tables

  In Before They Pass Away, photographer Jimmy Nelson captures the beauty of the world's remaining indigenous tribes. It's a truly stunning book.    Samburu of Kenya   Moari of New Zealand   Nenet of Russia   Rabari of India   Huli of Papua New Guinea   For more, check out ...

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Basic Terrain and Surf Bazaar

Last week, we had an awesome event with the Surf Bazaar boutique at the Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY. A great mix of old friends and new joined us for late day shopping and cocktails, followed by a live performance by Gary Clark, Jr. on the back deck.Big thanks to...

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Spotify Playlist

Dave At Work

The first pair of pants, a flannel shirt, a leather jacket and a ski bib...

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The Mood


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Welcome to Outer Space, where you can check out the people, places, and things that inspire Basic Terrain. This picture of Apollo 16 astronaut Charles Duke was one of the first to hang on our inspiration wall. Duke is one of only 12 people to have ever set foot on the...

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